Video above is used as a representation of possible outcomes. Results vary and fluctuate due to stock market conditions. Alliance Group in no way guarantees a set return using the Agglomeration strategy.


The Alliance Group utilizes the proprietary methodology known as the Agglomeration to bring together fantastic small to medium-sized businesses from around the world to list on a reputable stock exchange publicly. This unique model awards efficient, well-run companies with the benefits of being public while keeping their brand and culture.

For investors, the Agglomeration model allows for full liquidity in fast-growth companies that have proven business fundamentals and exceptional leadership. Our saying is simple.



The Alliance Group will be a consolidated group of well run, profitable and relatively debt-free companies from around the world who have decided to join forces to list publically. The Alliance Group is a private equity firm whose role is to seek and acquire small to medium-sized companies interested in this arrangement.

The Alliance Group will hold an equity stake in all companies listing on the exchange, acting as a partner with an invested interest to grow the Group. The primary growth strategy will be through acquisition, using our shares as currency to bring onboard more companies. All qualified companies will earn a minimum of USD 500,000 per year, and our focus will be on companies making between half a million - five million USD in net earnings.


Currently, small to medium-sized companies make-up about 50% of the GDP in any given market. Regardless of those economics, investors pay little attention to opportunities in this space. A large investment firm will invest in every possible asset to include stocks, bonds, real estate, even cryptocurrency, yet hardly any resources are deployed into small to medium-sized companies. The reason for this is because small to medium-sized companies are too small, too illiquid, and cannot scale.

An Agglomeration solves that because it gives owners liquidity, stability, hyper-growth, and the prestige of being part of a public group.

In the U.S, 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day, with an expected 10 trillion dollars of wealth that will be transferred over the next ten years. Yet only 1 in 13 businesses listed for sale get sold, and most wind down their operation.

The Agglomeration model is ideal for owners who eventually wish to exit as they can sell their shares over time, and establish the appropriate management structure that ensures their legacy and hard work is prosperous in the future.


small to medium-sized companies of the
GDP in any given market.


baby boomers are retiring every day in the U.S.

10 trillion $

of wealth that will be transferred over the next ten years.

1 in 13

businesses listed for sale get sold


Chris Cameron

Co Founder And Managing Director

Chris Cameron is a United States Navy veteran and served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn. After transitioning out of the military, he moved into the financial and federal contracting industries, eventually working for large consulting firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton and BAE. After deciding to pursue entrepreneurship, he founded and grew a marketing company with clients spanning the United States, U.K., and Australia, eventually exiting in 2017. Mr. Cameron has a Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Collection from American Military University and a Masters of Science in Management from the University Of Maryland University College.

Anthony O'Leary

Partner and Head of Acquisitions

Anthony is a global business Investor who has completed and advised on over 50 transactions.
With a distinguished background in Sales & Marketing combined with his expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions for SME's, Anthony helps business owners extract value from their company while continuing to grow by way of acquisition, capital markets and the Agglomeration method.
From custom deal origination systems to his strong relationships with sell-side founders, buy-side acquirers & private/institutional investors, Anthony creates bespoke strategies and systems for business owners to increase the sale price of their company.

Adam Cox

Co Founder And Managing Directors

Adam is an experienced Investor is multiple small to medium sized companies across the caribbean and U.S.A. Adam's Industry experience includes healthcare, real estate development, business services and more.
Adam has been involved in multiple exits and driven the maximize the value of companies with the strategies used by the Alliance Group.

Steven Hogan

Head of Acquisitions

Experienced Mergers & Acquisitions / Sales Professional.

Steven experience includes: MBH Corporation PLC  among other Public groups whereby he assisted with a number of direct listing and reverse merger transactions.With a wealth of knowledge and keen eye for solving problems, Stephen has acquired an impressive track record of successful transactions. Solving liquidity and valuation challenges for business owners globally.


The Alliance Group plans to build multiple groups with a market cap of over 100 million USD. The Group will accomplish this by creating a clear and concise plan our investors can understand that achieves the highest possible multiple on earnings valuation. To attain this value, we will seek to consolidate 7 - 10 companies earning 1 million USD per year to work underneath our umbrella company. After acquisition, we will synergize where appropriate allowing us to maximize the bottom line.


The Alliance Group is a private equity firm that seeks to find and publicly list profitable, well run, debt-free companies globally on a reputable stock exchange. The initial listing will be with an "anchor company" whereby The Alliance Group will work with this business to acquire other companies in the same industry using shares or bonds as currency.

Agglomeration is a three-step process, as illustrated below.

This method was created and perfected by our partner Jeremy Harbour of Unity-Group, where he successfully listed a company on the Frankfurt Exchange, currently generating 200 million USD per year, growing to 1 billion. Below is the corporate structure of the Agglomeration model.

Subsidiaries will group together under an SPV.
The holding company then acquires the SPV.
The original owners of the subsidiaries each own portions of public-listed holding company.

The struggles of private companies to demand their value in the market will continue to be an issue with more supply than demand and the overarching inability to scale. The Agglomeration gives them access to all the benefits of a larger company, allowing them to receive the compensation they strive for.


All companies will be profitable and
relatively debt-free.

All companies will be profitable and
relatively debt-free.

International reach

Ability to scale quickly through

Unwind clause - for companies that
join the Group and do not perform or
shrink by a certain percentage, will be unwound from the Group to ensure a healthy organization.