For Small to Medium Sized Companies in Search of Growth .  An Exit . Or Public Listing

Our Approach to Growth


This strategy brings small to medium-sized companies together to list on a reputable stock exchange. Giving company owners all the benefits of being public while remaining in control of their operation and culture.
Benefits include Increased Valuation, Liquidity, Stability and Prestige.
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Integrated "Group Model"

Our roll-up "Group Model" merges complementary companies together, creating a larger organization that decreases risk, increases diversity, liquidity, share holder value, and allows access to larger contracts. This model gives each owner the opportunity to earn a maximum amount in the event of an exit. Our theory is simple. Why compete? When you can collaborate!

Buy Out

If you're interested in exiting your company at a fair valuation then Alliance Group can help. We buy businesses across a variety of industries with typical revenue ranges of 3 million to 25 million +. Alliance  Group's network of financial partners allows for quick closing & less hassle.

Collaborative Approach

Our collective network of Individual Investors, Investment Banks, PE Groups, VC’s, and other Institutional Investors allows us to understand growth opportunities across several stable industries. We deal specifically in profitable and well established companies, with an emphasis on alternatives and other fragmented industries ripe for large roll ups with large exit multiples. Our Investors seek unique opportunities for large returns, our Entrepreneurs seek expertise and access to capital in the absence of traditional funding sources for their industries.


The Alliance Group is a global mergers and acquisitions firm, focusing on acquiring and partnering with companies to maximize their value, leading to an exit. The Alliance Group focuses on small to medium-sized enterprises, with a range of 3 million to 25 million+  USD in annual revenue. In most developed countries, the small to medium-sized market space makes up about 50% of the economic GDP, yet is often overlooked by investors. Typically, small to medium-sized companies are often too small, too illiquid, and do not have the proper management structure in place. Consequently, they are unappetizing to an institutional buyer. The Alliance Group's strategy solves that problem by focusing on consolidation.

In the eye of a future buyer or investor Bigger is Better! Bigger means more revenue streams, bigger rewards, less risk, and larger returns.

By merging complementary companies, we increase the multiple on earnings valuation, de-risk the investment, and increase the profits and more! The Alliance Group's strategy transforms a single-entity organization into a large cohesive group prepped for sale to an institutional buyer while simultaneously being eligible for a direct listing or an Initial Public Offering on a reputable stock exchange. 

The Team

Chris Cameron

Co-Founder And Managing Director

Chris is a United States Navy veteran and served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn. After transitioning out of the military, he moved into the financial and federal contracting industries where he worked for large consulting firms such as Booz Allen Hamilton and BAE. After deciding to pursue entrepreneurship, he founded and grew a marketing company with clients spanning the U.S., U.K., and Australia, eventually exiting in 2017. Chris has a Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Collection from the American Military University and a Masters of Science in Management from the University of Maryland University College.

Adam Cox

Co-Founder And Managing Director

Adam is an experienced investor in multiple SMEs across the Caribbean and U.S.A. Adam's industry experience includes healthcare, real estate development, business services, and more. Adam has been involved in multiple exits and has maximized several companies' valuations with the Alliance Group strategies.

Anthony O'Leary

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony is a global business investor who has completed and advised on over 50 transactions. With a distinguished background in sales and marketing, combined with his expertise in mergers and acquisitions for SMEs, Anthony helps business owners extract value from their company while continuing to grow by way of acquisition, capital markets and the agglomeration method. From custom deal origination systems to his strong relationships with sell-side founders, buy-side acquirers and private/institutional investors, Anthony creates bespoke strategies and systems for business owners to increase the sale price of their companies'.

Steven Hogan

Head of Acquisitions

Steven is an experienced mergers and acquisitions/sales professional. His experience includes MBH Corporation PLC among other public groups where he assisted with a number of direct listings and reverse merger transactions. With a wealth of knowledge and keen eye for solving problems, Steven has acquired an impressive track record of successful transactions, solving liquidity and valuation challenges for business owners globally.

Strategic Partners

Jeremy Harbour

Strategic Partner

Jeremy is a global leader in the field of small business mergers and acquisitions. Based out of Singapore, he owns investments in 12 countries, has bought and sold over 100 companies, and advised on more than 200 acquisitions. Jeremy has been a chairman, director, senior advisor and mentor to numerous international companies throughout his career. With his expertise in mergers and acquisitions for SMEs, Jeremy is the CEO and founder of The Unity Group of Companies, a private equity firm specialising in helping entrepreneurs grow their business and pioneering the Agglomeration™ model. Jeremy is also the founder and former chairman of The Marketing Group (“TMG”), the first global digital marketing network that is using the Agglomeration™ model, listed on Nasdaq First. Using the same Agglomeration™ model, Unity Group recently listed MBH Corporation in Frankfurt in February 2018.

Paul Seabridge

Strategic Partner

Paul is the CEO of Saalbach Equities and global business investor who has completed over 50 transactions and advised on over 100 transactions. Paul started his earlier career in the recruitment industry, growing an international headhunting recruitment process outsourcing company, recruiting for many FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies. After exiting from the business in 2010, Paul has been an investor in SMEs before launching several private equity, merger and acquisition firms. Paul is a global entrepreneur, published author and speaks globally about mergers and acquisitions

Associates and Junior Partners

Michael Aitchison


Robert Chan


Uday Mitra

Junior Partner

Elias Arosemena


Stacey Still


Aston Sinfield

Junior Partner

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